Friday 17 April 2015

'Herbal Raised Beds' in Recycled Plastic

'Herbal Raised Beds'
A Community Project 
for Ainsley Gardens,
Wilmot Street, London

18 Good Reasons to use recycled plastic planks for a raised bed

Recycled Plastic Raised Beds in Ainsley Gardens, LondonIn 2011 a group of enthusiasts in a London street managed to get funding to build two raised herb beds for community use. 

They researched the project thoroughly and in the end decided to go for a recycled plastic solution with profiles supplied by Kedel Limited in Colne, Lancashire.

What is Recycled Plastic Lumber?

Kedel use 100% recycled post-industrial
plastic, diverted from landfill. 

It’s rot proof, impact resistant, and impervious to green algae and moss. 

Plus, graffiti can simply be wiped clean, as paint cannot stick properly or penetrate the plastic.

Kedel looked at the groups carefully drawn plans (shown left), and gave some advice about which profiles would be best and the best way to construct such large raised beds.

These raised beds were quite high to allow older and disabled people to get easy access to the herbs with no bending down necessary.

The organisers were delighted to get such good advice for free and even more delighted when the mixed plastic profiles arrived on site. 

They were tough, durable, and easy to work with normal woodworking tools. 

Besides being environmentally friendly this material looked like it would stand the test of time, with a life span many times longer than wood and without the need for any treatment to keep it looking good.

So Here Are 18 Good Reasons to Use Recycled Plastic instead of wood!
  1. Reduction of energy consumption by 66%
  2. Production of only a third of the sulphur dioxide
  3. Production of only half of the nitrous oxide
  4. Reduction of water usage by nearly 90%
  5. Reduction of carbon dioxide generation by two-and-a-half times
  6. 1.8 tonnes of oil are saved for every tonne of recycled polythene produced
  7. Lasts 5 times longer than timber
  8. Vandal Resistant
  9. Crack, chip and splinter proof
  10. Less Flammable than timber
  11. Insect and animal resistant
  12. Labour saving – minimal maintenance
  13. UV resistant
  14. Easy to clean
  15. Can be worked like timber
  16. Holds screws and fittings well
  17. Reduced Whole Life Costs
  18. And it looks cool too! It’s like this sleek space-aged wonder material.
Any other advice to would-be raised-bed-builders?

Yes! These beds included a permeable membrane over the soil to let water into the bed but prevent it from drying out, and fortunately it seemed to work well, as rain was the only available water source.

Just cut a hole in the membrane to put in your plants and you’re good to go.

Where can you get your recycled plastic raised bed materials?

Kedel Limited seem to be a good place to start if you need good advice and friendly people you can talk to. They even sell ready made recycled plastic raised bed kits.

Call: 01282 861325 or e-mail: or take a look on their website

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Recycled Plastic Lumber And The Environment

What exactly is recycled plastic wood? This is a product made from recovered plastic and can be used as an alternative for wood, concrete and even metal. It is said to be very good for recreational equipment such as camping materials and park seats and landscaping materials. In the paragraphs below, we are going to tell you the benefits that recycling plastic brings to our environment, so pay close attention.

Recycled plastic lumber can be used for a variety of purposes. First, it can be used for industrial purposes. This includes the construction of floors.

A Recycled Plastic Bench
Secondly, it can be used in making fences, flower vases and also garbage/compost bins for your home and garden. It can also be used to make benches for recreational parks, car stops, playground equipment and even informational signposts.

These lumbers have a number of advantages you should be aware of. This is especially true when it comes to the environment. First, they have a variety of colours which make them attractive and great for playground equipment since colours excite children.

This colour also keeps the environment in which they are in very beautiful. Secondly, a type such as the commingled recycled plastic lumber reduces the costs of sorting since the material they are obtained from is a remelted product. These savings can be diverted into other projects that are as useful to the community as large.

Also, they are well suited for support structures due to their strength and stiffness. It is the reason why most institutions are diverting to them in construction and more so due to the fact that they are long lasting.
Looking at the community and the environment as a whole what benefits does it have in relation to these? First, it is environmentally friendly in the sense that it is a product that is recycled plastic and considering the fact that they are highly pollutive products then this lumber is the best.

Secondly, it creates business opportunities. At the same time it is not a business that requires huge amounts of capital. Secondly, it assists in keeping the environment clean. This goes hand in hand with the fact that it saves the government the need to have huge amounts of money invested in creation of dumping sites. The other good thing about it is the fact that it does not need frequent replacement since it is very long lasting and it can be replaced at the end of its useful life.

It is therefore an aspect that most governments today are trying to turn to and especially in matters concerning resource and environment conservation. In the long run, it is an advantage to the community, the government and the environment at large. With the increased levels of changes in technology the purchase price of recycled plastic lumber is expected to reduce and the price of wood is likely to keep increasing. This is the more reason why many environment maintenance centres will keep recommending it as time goes by.

Buying Advice For Ground Reinforcement

Ground reinforcement is very easy to shop for as well as very easy to use. Many individuals have been able to find the right materials that will be able to take care of their project needs. Those who are looking into shopping for the right amount of reinforcement should take the time to look into this advice to get the right amount of help. This advice is also going to work to save individuals a great amount of money.

Knowing the overall budget is very important. This of course will be the great guide that the shopper will be able to follow when they are shopping around. Crunch some numbers and look into the current accounts to add up how much money can be towards this particular purchase.

The actual amount of the ground reinforcement materials is also a helpful number required. There are shoppers out there that never seem to learn and either end up buying too little or too many materials. However, having the perfect amount or even just a small amount of extra is going to do the trick. Remember, there is no need to go too overboard when placing the order.

A reputable reseller is surely going to provide the best materials and buying options. Some of them might even offer special discounts or financing options depending on what is being ordered. Take some time to just shop resellers and talk to them about the current deals that they can offer.

For the measurements that are not as simply laid out, there are custom options. This is going to help the individual get the right amount of drainage and keep the overall mess down to a minimum. Plug in all of the options available and determine who can fill that order as soon as possible.

Professional or self installation options are always available. Those who do not know what they should be doing with the ground reinforcement should use a professional that can step in and help out. Of course it will be much easier to save some money if the materials are installed by the buyer. There are instructions that should be relatively easy to follow and complete. Ask the reseller about special tools that can be used in order to allow the self installation process to be completed within a short amount of time. This will teach the individual what needs to be done and will allow them to invest in the right equipment.

To get everything soon, start shopping right now. The internet is a great portal to use and will connect shoppers to money saving deals. Take some time to search within the budget that has been set and try to place the order as soon as possible.

Now is the right time to start shopping for ground reinforcement, also known as permeable paving. There are many great options that shoppers can choose from to save and get everything installed the right way. Start looking around right now to find out about different materials and definitely different custom options.

Using Recycled Plastic Lumber In Today's World

When some individuals think of recycling, they come to the conclusion that the product that is made of recyclable goods are someone else's rubbish. Sure, one may think of it in this manner, but without recycling, the earth would go downhill.

Common household goods, such as paper, plastics and electronics are recycled. They are taken to a plant where they are recreated into another product, which will help to reduce carbon emission. This is the phase of recycling. Don't worry, this article is not all about recycling. Actually, this article is about using recycled plastic lumber in today's world.

A Recycled Plastic Picnic Table

Many do not get past the recycled part long enough to see that plastic lumber that has been recycled really is good. By using this product, you will be helping to keep the earth clean. Many turn to recycled plastic lumber as opposed to actual wood and timber to use for their job at the construction site. However, it is not just the construction site that uses these products. People can use them in their home.

You already know you can use lumber for any occasion and recycled lumber that is plastic is no different. You can use it for your furniture, decking, gardening and much more. It is a great alternative in today's world and there is no denying this.
Some actually believe that they will get high quality when they use products that are made from recycled things and they are right. If it was not high quality, then trust us, the construction sites would not be using it. This type of lumber always gives a beautiful finish to work. It also makes work easier.

You are probably wondering how it makes work easier, since it is basically a replica of the real thing. Well, you have to take care of the real thing in order to make it last for a long time, correct? With this stuff, the maintenance is not hard at all. In fact, you may be surprised to hear this, but this lumber lasts longer than the real thing.

The recycled lumber can go in all weather conditions and still look as good as it looked the day before yesterday. It will definitely help to add an excellent finish to your work.

When purchasing this product, you are not only going to be saving the earth. You will also be saving time and money - those are three important things. Many also like the fact that this stuff can easily be cleaned. Unlike the regular wood, which is hard to take care of, let alone, clean.

There are many places that are offering recycled plastic lumber. If a store in your area is not offering it, then you should look online. Many websites are starting to sell this lumber at a discount price. It is important that you find the best deals for you. So, if you are remodelling your home, working in your garden or working at a construction site, this would be a great choice as there are many products that can be made from recycled plastic.